Andrew Kovner; Paintings & Giclees

Oil, Giclee and Bolt. The Original Encumbered by the Facsimilie and The Less Expensive Duplicate, Weighed Down by The One  of a Kind.  Only the Graft is The Original, states The Artist.
Self Portrait 2006

The Chum Criticism Series
Will  Cycle Through at 30 Second Intervals
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Frank Lloyd Wright Resident Building A Painted in Tempera sometime in the late 1990's. Giclee created in 2008, it says (or tomorrow).  I know this building as The BAC Barnsdall Art Center, actve and vital from 1946-1999. Today it is sealed shut and falling into ruin.>Landscapes.
Serving Art  (on a platter) - Well, the pigeons liked it!
Behind Every Rock Was A Painting Of A Naked Woman
This Piece is my Take/Illustration of the play "Red" by John Logan.
 It occurred to me later it is also Rock, Scissors, Paper.
 A Los Angeles Museum, (so says conversation) may be slated for "renewal", physical revamping, "bettering" or "Flattening".
 Much of what a Museum houses are conversations between generations. I think of that as both continuity and destruction.
 And on that subject, I'll post this next piece which I might title: "Construction Site" or "Deconstruction Site".