Andrew Kovner; The Archives

Sweet Jane Democracy
Er, We Can Get Higher   Still looks good  to me.
Love Thine Enemy  I thought of these as post cubist/post futurist works when I made them. Also I considered them my first Mature Body of Work.
Furtive Viewer circa 1975  The Artist lures The Viewer into the Wineglass/Painting and abandons him.

 Andrew Kovner; Paintings & Giclees

 Originally I used the working title: We Exist In Radio to describe this series to myself. By then we no longer inhabited towns and cities, but rather were denizens of the echo-chamber MediaLand. We are in some variation of that now.
 I would call this series a 7 or 8 year RANT. I find it Ferocious, Unrelenting, Inpolite, Inopportune, Scatological and Vicious and like any good fire, eventually burned itself out.
 There have been notable artists who have managed to recast the Photograph distictively into Paint and managed to say something original about Photograpy and Painting, I am not one of them. By and large Photos are considered the "real thing" and the facsimilie of a facsimilie is inadequate, unless done supurbly. I do not regret this departure, color blending and mixing are necessary tools.