Nudes: Andrew Kovner

Sony and Electrical Box  The Compositional Balance Still Quite Pleases Me Very Many Years Later
Traveler  Parker on her way to India. Resolved this one with a massive Photoshop effect,  Could very well redo the Tempera Source another dozen times.
Maude Blue Pillow  Again this is the current presented representation of this artist model encounter. I may or may not ever rethink it.

The Collector Expects The Definitive
"Original", He/ She wishes for a Gold Standard, The Coveted Object.
 Every Art Professional is "In" on the game,
that is why it is a profession.
 But artistically, sometimes it just doesn't fly.

 Andrew Kovner; Paintings & Giclees

Painting with a Computer has never been truly satisfying to me, but I do try it again, periodically. Can't quite recall which mood I started with and which I drifted to.